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The New Yorker has devoted a good bit of attention to the Pope’s resignation. Alexander Stille compares the papacies of Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II, while Amy Davidson discusses the way they each handled age and fragility. John Cassidy weighs in with harsh criticisms of Pope Benedict, but in the name of an underlying affirmation for the work of the Catholic Church in local communities. If you prefer audio, all three writers can be heard discussing their perspectives on the New Yorker Out Loud’s website.

A former US correspondent for The Tablet, Rocco Palmo, offers extensive coverage of the process of selecting the next pope on his blog Whispers  in the Loggia. He will soon be heading to the Vatican to report from the scene as events undold.

The National Catholic Reporter is running a series called ‘Papabile of the Day’ presenting the basic biography and a brief analysis of the most locally candidates. Here’s one on Cardinal Leonardo Sandri.

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